Thursday, September 9, 2010


Cant get my act together.

Im the only one whos still stuffing around i think.. im pretty much not exercising at all.. Did the double last week and couldnt walk for 5 days. Then trainer got the spewing bug and cancelled all classes all week. Pfft.. I think im going to start over and re do all the pre tasks to get my head back in it.. I cant wait for it to be official and 20 Sept.. Im just totally out of control with eating.. not alot just the wrong stuff and exercise - whats that. Not even in my vocab at the moment.. What is going on? Grrr I need an ass kicking!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

whoa call me crazy...

But i just completed a double class at the gym... Pump then Combat... so proud of myself. Considering i wasnt even contemplating doing pump but instead was going to read a mag until combat started. I full did the whole robot thing mich was talking about in her video on excuses.

And my eating has improved 10 fold...

Bfast: Corn flakes + toast w vegemite
Lunch: Multigrain roll w turkey, lettuce, tom, cheese and chilli date chutney
Atea: Pack of tiny teddies shared with my son and and milo.
Dinner: Small portion of steak, mixed steamed veges and 5 potato crinkle cut chips.
Supper/Desert: Yoplait Forme no fat yoghurt. (delish)

Feeling so focused now.. I want to at least lose 2 or 3 kilos going into the challenge.

Hope everyone is doing well and finding thier way.