Sunday, August 29, 2010

Confessions and absolute shame... Not waiting im starting now!

I have decided I'm going to exercise and watch what I eat until 20 Sep when it all officially starts. There is no use eating crap and lazing around its just making me feel guilty..

Craziness and confessions of what i ate today.. and not doing again for a long time.. so embarrased writing this down but its all about accountability isnt it? here goes,

BFAST: Bowl of cornflakes + 1 pce Raisin Toast
MT: Salmon Sushi + Chocolate Milkshake + 3/4 of Choc doughnut
LUNCH: Half a packet of Tubes (chips)
AT: Grainwaves and dip, shapes, and rice crackers and dip (at a bbq) worst nightmare.
DINNER: 1 large chop, 1 sausage, 2 pce garlic bread, mixed salad, & coleslaw.

& about 500 mls of Coke.

Ive had no water today!

Its crazy when you write it down, from now on im going to write it all down on here.

Feeling disgusting!

Oh ive also hung my little size 12 skinny jeans on my bed door for inspiration, I cant get them over my thighs at the moment, i cant wait to get them on after all this.


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